The Dancers [Day XXI]

My failure to comply with writing poetry for thirty days.


The Dancers

I take your hands in mine,
And we dance across the floor.
Your eyes glisten like the stars.
Makes everything seems so far
When we stand like this, together.
The floor is shining bright 
With the reflection of the lights,
We glow as we circle the room.
Box-stepping round and round,
Then I leave you for a turn. 
Can this moment last forever?
Your eyes are locked with mine.  
The world leaves us all alone.
Time stops for just a second
And I catch the sensation
Of standing close
With your hand on my back,
And mine on your shoulder.

Girl In Green [Random Drawing]


I did say “random doodles” or something, so I put something up here that I drew. It’s not that great, but I need somewhere to put this before I throw it away. 

Walk On [Day IX]

Walk On

Just a minute, 
Just one minute,
Can I close my weary eyes?
I’ve been walking now
For far too long,
Ahead holds no surprise.
I am tripping, 
I am falling,
Please lend me your hand to rise.
If not, go on,
Keep on your way 
And leave me here to die.



Clocks and Time [Day VIII]

Clocks and Time

I have learned of something that’s rather odd
Concerning the time piece worn on my wrist.
It does go “tick” but never does it “tock”.
I feel there’s something rather wrong with this.
We’re always in vulnerability.
With this robot assassin after us.
Punishing, nonstop pertinacity.
Footsteps in a relentless ticking noise.
It’s in your guise, you see it everyday:
The wrinkles pressed into your worried face,
On the forefront grey hairs are on display.
Succumb to what’s been deemed a losing race.
There’s no way to escape its fatal grip.
Beware, there’s no evasion if you trip. 


For English (poem missing)

Rowing Boat [Day VII]

Rowing Boat 

Life is an open ocean
And I am in a rowing boat
With miles of sea surrounding me.
With so much there still unexplored
And what we know of in such discord
Life is an open ocean 
And I am in a rowing boat.

(4-5-13 / 4-6-13 missing)

Invisible [Day III]


I wonder if I’m ever noticed
Standing at this wall.
People pass by me,
They can’t see me at all.
If I reach out
And touch their face,
Would my hand
Fall through their skin?
Yes, if I walked through
This bustling crowd
I’d disappear right in.
Sometimes I like 
Not being noticed,
Sinking into
The background.
But I also wish 
I’m visible,
For in this flock
I’ve drowned. 

(4-3-12 missed)


Alone [Day II]


I’m all alone,
We’re all alone.
When it comes to it,
We’re all alone.
Traveling life
And then we die
So lonelily. 
I’m so alone
We’re so alone
If you consider it all,
We’re so alone. 
2013-04-03 20.37.36

THE ENDApril 30th, 2013
THE EEEND of it ALL (for now)

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